Judicial Accomplishments

As your District Court Judge, Judge Gina Tveit has been instrumental in the achievement of several essential District Court programs

  • Helped Organize and Participate a variety of educational events, including the High School Mock DUI Educational Project (2018)
  • Establishment of Court Procedure to allow for the Re-Licensing of Stevens County Drivers (2017)
  • Presenter at the popular community educational series “Law School for the Non-Lawyer” (2017)
  • Presenter at the Law Enforcement Training “Preparing Your Case for Court” (2017)
  • Supported the creation of the monthly Stevens County Veterans Forums (2016)
  • Worked hard to help establish Stevens County Veteran’s Court (2013)
  • Efficient use of Alternatives to Incarceration, including
    • SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote[gt1]  Alcohol Monitor)
    • UA Testing
    • Ignition Interlock
    • PBT (Portable Breath Testing)
    • EHM (Electronic Home Monitoring/House Arrest)
    • Drug & Alcohol Evaluations/Treatment (Inpatient/Outpatient)
    • Monitored and Supervised Probation
    • Work Crew
    • Community Service/Restitution
  • Development of the Stevens County Small Claims Court Mediation Program


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